Sunday, October 4, 2015

Campground at Manheim, PA

The rain finally stopped so that I could get outside and take some pictures of the campground.
Pinch Rd. Family RV Resort, is just as it sounds.  It's geared toward families.  They are having competitions, games, hayrides and crafts for kids, every Saturday, geared around Halloween.  The biggest drawback to this place, is the fact that it is a bit far from town.  From anything, in fact.   There is a large pond here on the grounds that is stocked with trout.  We were told we could fish and keep what was caught.  The rain made that on the impossible side.  I wouldn't know what to do with a trout if I caught one!
 This is our site.  They didn't have one next to ours for the Matthews.  They are down the road about 6-7 spaces.
                                    This building below is the Game Room and Gathering Room.
This one is the office and store.  They sell some camping supplies and ICE CREAM!
                                              The rest of the pictures are just of the grounds .

                                                and a teenager riding a motor driven uni-cycle???

He steered by leaning from side to side.  It went pretty fast too!  He had no problems with the gravel either.  Looks like an accident waiting to happen, to me.  He never stepped off of it while I saw him.  I wouldn't make it a foot without falling.   I would like to know how long it took him to be able to ride that thing.   WOW!
Tomorrow we leave and head towards Virginia.