Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A trip to Bowling Green for the guys and Grand Ole Opry for girls

Today we separated, the guys went to Bowling Green, KY. to the Corvette Museum and toured the Corvette plant and us girls visited a couple of places we didn't get around to and did some shopping.
First off, we went to see the Grand Ole Opry.  It is a very large complex.  There is a huge convention center, hotel, showboat and even a mall all right there together.

                                               Everything is beautifully decorated for fall.

No pictures on the inside.  They wouldn't allow them and we were too cheap to pay $22.00 just to go inside to look at it.  It would have made more sense to me to spend $60 and get to see a concert.  We didn't do that because I didn't recognize  any of the people playing tonight.  LOL
 We went to see the General Jackson Showboat.  It is right there in that big complex.  It sits on the Cumberland River.
 They were closed and this was as close as we could get to the boat.  They are open for dinner cruises.
Next we went to see the Two Rivers Mansion.  It was built in 1859.  This house is huge.  To see just how big it is, I took pictures of the left and right sides so you could see just how large this house is.

This is the left side of the house.

This is the right side.

Another front view.  (The sun was shining right behind the house and gave this silly shadow.  I must learn more about my camera to stop these ugly mistakes.)  The house was built in the Italianate style.
 This federal style house on the property was built in 1802.  The original owners built and lived in this house until their deaths.  Their only child, a daughter married her cousin,  David McGavock in 1850.  She inherited the 1802 house and 1100 acres.  They lived here until 1859, when the Italianate style house was completed.  The last family member to live in the house was Mary Louise Bransford McGavock.  She was the wife of Spence McGavock,  David McGavock's grandson.  She died in the house in 1965.  I guess you can tell that I love to read about the history of old homes and families.
While we were sightseeing and shopping, Doug and Jim went to the Corvette Museum and Plant.  This one was Doug's favorite.

I don't know if you remember, but several years ago the museum had a collapse of the flooring.  It turned out that there was a huge, like 60' deep in places, cavern under the building.  There are several caves in the area, I guess this was one they didn't know about.  This collapse caused millions of dollars of damage to Corvettes that were on loan to the museum.

Some they have restored, some are in the process, and some just couldn't be helped.  Unfortunately, this particular Corvette, was one of a kind.  It just "ain't no more".

You can't tell what this was.  Such a shame.  such a waste.  Oh well, I am sure they had lots and lots of insurance.
I hope you weren't bored with all the "history of the house" stuff.  Tomorrow is a travel day, I better get to bed.  I am still disappointed that we have traveled all over some of the northern states and haven't seen very much in the way of fall colors.  Maybe I will see some when we get home.  LOL