Thursday, September 24, 2015

We are in Canada!

We crossed the border on Sunday with no problems.  I don't know why, but I just knew because we were in a motorhome they were going to board us and look everywhere.  He just asked for passports and Buddies proof of vaccination for rabies.  It was too easy.  That must mean when we cross back into the USA it will be horrible.  I hope they let us back in!  It may have been a trick to get rid of us.   We are just outside of Toronto and are doing day trips around here.  We are going into Toronto tomorrow.

We are staying at a campground in Milton, ON.  Milton Heights Campground is the name.  It is a very neat, freshly mowed camp site.  There are apple, pear and crab apple trees everywhere.  The apple are golden delicious and are very good.  The pear trees were just about empty.  They must have been real good.  I have never seen so many crab apples and they are so red!  Ours at home were more pink than red and had yellow on them.  these look just like tiny apples.