Thursday, September 24, 2015

Toronto here we come

We headed into Toronto today.  It was a nice drive into town.

If you look real hard you can see Lake Ontario.  LOL  We were driving in heavy traffic and there was no time to stop for better picture.
 Yep, it's a mounted policeman.  Everyone was taking his picture.  I think it was really the horse they wanted a picture of.
 It was funny how the old buildings were mixed in with the tall sky scrapers.  The building on the right is the Ripley's Aquarium.  That tall thing on the left hand side, is the CN Tower.
Here is the rest of it.  This tower was built in 1976 and is 1,815 ft. 5 in. tall.  It was the worlds tallest building from 1976 to 2010.

This is the view from the Look Out level which is 147 stories tall.  With my fear of heights, I can't believe that I did this.  The worst part was riding in the glass elevators.  There were even two glass windows in the floor.  I didn't like that at all.  The elevator rocked too much too.  Was glad when that part was over.  It traveled from ground to top in 58 seconds!
 I was really looking at the old schooner in the center of the picture.  I guess that is what it's called.  Pirate ship will do too.
                  I took a cazillion pictures of the city.  It was hard to pick which ones to post.
This was on the level that had the glass floor.  This floor is only two pieces of 1" thick glass with 1/2"  air pocket between them.  2 1/2" is not a lot.  I didn't like standing on it.  I am looking down on the roof of the Ripleys Aquarium.
                                Buildings, Buildings everywhere.  Toronto is a very big city.
 Down safely, on the other side of the tower is the Rogers Center.  This is the stadium that the Toronto Blue jays play baseball.  And guess what?  The day we happen to be there, they are playing baseball in just a few hours.  Blue Jays are playing New York Yankees.  No wonder there were so many people everywhere.

 Across the street was the Toronto Railway Museum.  The building was part of the Roundhouse.  Some of it was turned into a Brewery.

 It's hard to see, but that is the turn table used to turn the engines around 360 degrees.
 By the time we tried to leave Toronto downtown, the traffic was horrendous.  It was bumper to bumper for as far as you could see.  The 30 min. trip into town, took us over 2 hours to return.
 We were traveling slow enough on the highway that I could get a picture of this neat building.  A round building and a square building connected by a triangle walkway.  cool huh

          Then we came across this sign.  This is just right off the freeway.  Quick Sand! WOW