Sunday, September 13, 2015

Our 35th Wedding Anniversary and Sleeping Bear Dunes

Today was our 35th wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary to my sweetie.  We had a great day exploring Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Our first stop was in Empire, MI.  It's a cute little town.  I loved this old antique store.  They had "stuff" everywhere!
Next we came across a wedding.  In fact the bride was in that golf cart behind us.  We were looking around driving real slow and noticed it behind us.  We pulled to the side and sure enough, we were about to make the bride late for her wedding.  This little park is right before you get to the lake.
 And here it is.  This water is so clear and blue.  I thought I was in Florida or the Keys for a minute.
                                                         The surf was just beautiful.
                                                There was a small lighthouse on the beach.
                                        A beautiful overlook of the lake outside of Empire.
This is Sleeping Bear Climbing Dune.  It sure looked straight up when I was taking this picture.  It is not so intimidating looking at it now.
                                   Our next stop was Glen Haven, MI.  This was an historic port.  It was founded in 1857.
                                                    Don't you just love this old gas pump?

The Coast Guard life-saving Station

                                  And guess what, we came across another wedding party.  LOL

 Just a neat picture of a toy boat sitting in the window.  I loved the clouds reflecting on the window too.
                        Part of the Life Saving station.  The boats were wheeled out of this building.
                                     It was a beautiful day with lots of beauty everywhere we went.