Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On our way to PA.

When we left Niagara Falls, we had intended on driving to a campground in Mansfield, NY.  This campground was listed as a RESORT.  Everything we read about it sounded fine.  We arrived and they were closed and had a sign on the door to just find a spot and see them in the morning.  We didn't have reservations, but had called ahead to make sure they had a site for us.  We drove around the park looking at sites.  This place was not a resort.  It was a mud hole.  The music from Deliverance was playing in my mind as we drove through the place.  We like to stay at family owned parks and resorts when we can, but this was a little too rough for us.  We decided that since it was going to be a one night stop anyway, we would stay on Walmart parking lot.  I went in to make sure it was ok and the manager said fine.   It was cool so we didn't miss the electricity and our lights are battery powered.  We had water on board.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but not something I really want to do again.  We boon-docked one other time, but it was across from a baseball park, in a tiny town in OK.  We did so because we missed our turn to the campground and we were exhausted.  We were going to look for a Walmart then but our motorhome was bigger than the Walmart parking lot in this tiny town.  Anyway, back to Mansfield.  Another experience down.

This morning we left our wonderful site at Walmart and headed to Lebanon, PA.  It was a beautiful drive.
I wish it hadn't been raining.  There was a lot of fog in the area too.  We were crossing some of the Allegheny Mountains, I believe.

Between the rain and the tinted windshield, it was hard to take pictures, but I wanted to capture all the color.  There was just no way to do it justice.
 We also saw some of the Amish in their horse drawn carriages.  This was on Hwy 15.  Notice he was traveling against traffic not with it.  He had orange lights flashing on top of the carriage.  The horse was in a pretty fast trot, but not enough to keep up with the traffic.  LOL

We arrived at Pinch Pond Campground around 4:00.  I was having low blood sugar problems at that time and haven't gotten pictures of our site and the grounds.  I will get that tomorrow.  They are already gearing up for Halloween here.  It seems they decorate and have hayrides and games and competitions on best decorated sites like they do in Star City back home.  We couldn't get sites next to each other because of all the folks coming in this weekend.