Friday, September 4, 2015

Niles Michigan, a place to stay for Labor Day weekend

As usual we fly by the seat of our pants when we are traveling.  We don't make reservations until the day before we need them.  Then we noticed, Labor Day is coming.  We started calling around Michigan City looking for a place for us to chill for the holiday.  We had a couple of people laugh at us when we asked for availability.  One even said, "This weekend? You do know it's a holiday???"  We decided to look a little further inland away from Lake Michigan.  We found sites at Spaulding Lake Campground.  They even laughed at us at first.  But they looked at their bookings and moved a couple around so that we could have sites beside each other.  We told them we didn't care if we weren't right next to each other, but they fixed it anyway.
 Now let me back up.  We left out this morning around 9:30.  It was scary to me heading towards Chicago.  But the closest we got to it was 30 miles.  Close enough.  Near the Illinois and Indiana borders we crossed some type of rock quarry.  They build the highway right over it.  That's kind of weird.
 I took this picture so I would remember where we were when we crossed the quarry.  I still have no idea.  LOL
Then we came across this.  It looked like a shopping crosswalk connecting to shopping centers.
Our home away from home for the holiday.  This is another mom and pop campground.  The grounds are very pretty.
                                                         I think Buddy likes this place!

                                         Our sites were grass and gravel but neat and shady.

If you come here, bring cash or check.  They don't accept credit cards.  I don't even have a checkbook anymore.  I haven't carried checks in years.  That debit card is too easy!  So cash it is.... LOL