Friday, September 11, 2015

Holland, MI and toes in the sand!

These pictures were taken at the Holland State Park area.

The sites were just paved road and sand but some had full hook ups.  I took a pictures of this bus because it changed colors in the sunlight.  Sometimes teal, sometimes purple.   cool
 These pictures were taken in and around Holland, MI.  All of the older towns are starting to look alike.

 This was a memorial at the fire department.  I wish I could have gotten a better pic.  This was a fly by in the car.
                                             A tribute to Boy and Girl Scouts of America.
Just a shot of part of old downtown Holland.  We decided to eat at Curraghs Irish Pub.
This was our nice waiter.  He gave us some tips on places to see, things to do, etc.
                                           This was downstairs where the restrooms are.
                                  They have black squirrels here.   Haven't seen those before.
                              Don't know what these are, but they look like chocolate colored cat tails!
                                We went back to Grand Haven and took some pics on the boardwalk and at a nearby beach.

                                                                  Feet in the sand!
                                                                     Feet in the surf!
His/Hers too!

And the sun over the water