Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bay City Michigan

We were so tired when we got settled, I didn't even stop to take pictures.  Today was a better day so we drove around and I took some pictures of the old homes here.  Center St. is just one after another of beautiful restored old homes.
 First, our site.  This is a small privately owned campground that sits near the bay.  There is suppose to be sandy beaches to walk along, but the bay is up and now it is wet lands covered in grasses. No sandy beach for us.  Oh well.
We couldn't get sites side by side, so Jim and Libbie are on the row behind us.  Look real close you can see Jim sitting outside his bus.  He is the dot by the white bus in the center.  LOL
 These big beautiful homes were all on Center St. in Essexville, MI.  It is a small town on the outskirts of Bay City.

                                        All of these homes were well kept and freshly painted.
                                          I loved all the colors on this old Victorian home.
                                          Can't you just see these homes in a fairy tale you might be reading?
                        I loved all the columns on this one.  They were still painting this one.
                             I believe this is a Tudor style home.  This home was huge!
There were plaques in front of some of the homes that told their stories.  This home was a wedding gift from the brides parents!  pretty nice gift, huh....
We came across this house that had been turned into a Municipal Building.  I liked the house and then I say all the whimsical things on and around it.

                                                        First I noticed Humpty Dumpty.
Then I saw the gargoyles climbing all over the building.  This is the first one I saw.  And then there were others....

This is City Hall.  The clock in the bell tower was ringing.
 I know I have posted way too many pictures, but it really is a beautiful place, with beautiful buildings and homes.

Last one, I promise.  This church is not only huge, but very old.  It was built in the 1800's.
We had a good time driving around looking at all the old home places.  These pictures are just a few.  There is much much more, but this gives you the idea of the beauty that surrounds us.
Another good day!
Catch you Later!