Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A lazy holiday and Grand Haven MI

We didn't do anything for Labor Day.  In fact, we didn't Labor at all!  It was one of those lazy do nothing days.  People left the campground in droves on Monday.  Dreading that return to work, I imagine.  I know before I retired, I loved holidays but hated returning to all that piled up work.  It never seemed to take a holiday.  The same with vacations.  It hardly seemed worth it.  You just came back to a weeks worth of work plus all your current work.  By the time you caught up, you needed another vacation.

This morning we headed to Grand Haven, MI.  This is my first site of Lake Michigan.  The top picture is where the river flows into the lake.  The next picture with the lighthouse shows the large lake. Sorry the quality is so bad. I was taking it thru the window and then blew it up.
 We looked at staying here at the state park.  It was beautiful but very windy.  Sand, sand and more sand was the other problem.  The park was just paved roads around a sandy beach.  They did have a nice pier and lighthouse.
 We decided to move on down to Campers Paradise.  It was NOT appropriately named.  We made the mistake of paying for our sites and them going to them.  The first ones that he sent us to were so unlevel that there was no way we were going to stay on that site.  The front end would have been so high that the tires would have been off the ground and I would be getting nose bleeds everytime I went towards the door.
 This place was not a paradise.  It might qualify for the campground from hell.  No reservations for anyplace else and a pouring rain storm made us throw our hands up in the air and just stay here.  We are at the very back of the park.  Doug had already been warned, when he went back to the office, that  he was driving too fast.  The speed limit is 5 MPH.  I think Doug was going 10.
 So it took us 10 minutes to get back to our humble abode.  Well it seemed like it did.  I saw this face on a tree.  It is the best part of this campsite.  LOL  Sometimes "flying by the seat of your pants" like we do, doesn't work out so well.  Most of the time it does and I like that we aren't on a schedule and have to be someplace at a particular date and time.  But then there are days like this when you arrive at what was reviewed as a great campground, a rain storm decides to drop, and the site they give you is too short and has a dune in the middle of it.  Not to mention the electrical is questionable to say the least.  I will mark this place as a "DO NOT RETURN"!  Did I mention there is a highway on one side of the park and a railroad on the other.  When it rains, it pours!
I don't want the entire post to be a downer so I will tell you about dinner last night.  We went into town and went to a local place called JW's Food and Spirits.  It had a good rating and was a favorite of the locals.  I didn't know if I should believe the reviews but we tried it out and it was wonderful.  The service was great and the food even better.  They are "famous" for their fried perch and white chili.  We tried both.  I had never had perch before.  It was prepared as filets.  It didn't have a fishy taste and had the texture of catfish.  I really liked it.  The white chili could have been a meal in itself.  Sorry no pictures.  By this time my camera was the last thing on my mind.  Better days ahead, I am sure!