Monday, September 7, 2015

A Blueberry Festival and Notre Dame all in one day

We headed to Plymouth Indiana for the Blueberry Festival.  I didn't see one blueberry there.  It was  a very busy place though.

There were lots of crafts and "stuff" to see and buy.  And even more food trucks.
 This is a limb off of a 1900 year old Redwood tree that had fallen down.  Someone decided to build a house inside it.
                               There are 3 rooms in this Log Cabin.  First was the bedroom.
                                 Then the Living room.  I was surprised at the amount of furniture and room.
Then the kitchen and dining room.   Now that is a Log Cabin!  And keep in mind this is a limb not a trunk.
 There was a tractor pull.  I thought it would be big tractors.  Nope, these looked like lawn mowers with engines on steroids.
 The big yellow machine behind this tractor (I say that loosely) is what they were pulling.
I don't know what kind of engines that put in these tractors, but they sure were loud!
 There was a Hit and Miss engine running that was churning home made ice cream.
This motor was churning 2 great big ice cream buckets.  It had a nice rhythm to it's Hit and Miss.  LOL
 Lots of shopping could be done.  This man found him a palm tree.  Everyone needs one of those.  I told Libby we needed to have one for the motorhomes so that we would always  think we were near water and the beach.

                                       I liked this t-shirt and thought maybe I should buy it.
 Then we headed to Notre Dame.  This is a beautiful campus.  Above is the Science Building.

                                    This is the Theodore Hesburgh Library.  Sorry the picture quality is bad.
 The Staduim was huge and under construction to enlarge it.  I just took a picture of one entrance. The  Knute Rockne Gate.
 This is the main Administration Building.  this picture just doesn't do this building justice.
           This is the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.  This is a beautiful chapel.

I could have spent a lot of time in here.  It was very beautiful.  The paintings on the ceilings were awesome.  It truly was a site to behold.

The grounds are beautiful too.  It is a must see, if you are in the area and like old buildings.  Of course they are steady building new ones too.  I just didn't take any pictures of all the newer buildings on the grounds.
It was a good day.  We came back to the campground and I saw this guy in a kilt.  A Fighting Irishman for sure!
I enlarged it so you could see him better.  
Another fun day in Michigan and Indiana.