Friday, August 21, 2015

New flooring is installed!

Today the new flooring was installed in the motor home.
 The guys arrived around 9:00 this morning and hit the floor running.  I couldn't believe how fast this floor went down.  It sure makes a difference when you know what you are doing.  I hate to even think how long it would have taken us.  Not to mention how many boards we would have ruined with miss-cuts.
 They drilled holes for the bolts that hold the couch down.  They even got it right the first time!
 I think it even looks good dusty.   Now I can't wait for the furniture to be finished.
 Doug changed out the roller on the slide.  See the orange?  The new roller has an orange rubber casing around the metal.  It should protect the floor better than just metal that the other one was.  The other two rollers on the ceramic tile were rubber coated like this.

We are replacing the floor registers with darker ones.
 This is the new carpet in the bedroom.  It is so soft.  It is a short shag.  They were through and on their way by noon.  Good job guys!

We went by the upholstery shop and this is what my two couches look like right now.  Not a pretty sight.  Didn't know they would come apart in so many pieces.  I was a little worried when I saw that he hadn't even started on them.  He told me that he was working all weekend on them and that I could stop by Sunday afternoon and take pictures.  I just hope that there is something to take pictures of on Sunday.  After seeing how good the floors look, I am really excited to see the furniture completed.  I am ready to start putting this motorhome back together.