Monday, August 10, 2015

Making some progress on the motorhome

Today we decided to get a head start on the motorhome.  We have had a little trouble with the trap door or floor that covers the stairwell while driving.  Doug decided now might be a good time to take it apart and fix it.

 Of course we had one screw that just didn't want to come out.  I think it took longer to get it out than it did to fix whatever it was that he fixed.  LOL
It's all in pieces here.  He keeps telling me he thinks it looks better like this and that he is going to leave it this way.  I don't think so.

While he was doing that I got busy ripping up the carpet.  I don't know why.  I am sure the installers would have done it.  I just wanted to see what the floor looked like underneath.  I did find out one thing.  My old vacuum cleaner is not very good at its job.  The dirt under the pad was horrible and when I went to vacuum it up, all it did was move it around.  The carpet removal wasn't that hard a job either.  It may have been because it was so old and worn out.  LOL  The flooring underneath is fine.  Tomorrow I will pull the slide out and finish taking it up.  I will also call the flooring company to come out measure and give me a price for installing the new floor.  I hope to have this part completed this week.