Saturday, August 29, 2015

If it can go wrong, it probably will

Our upholstery guy had a death in the family and had to go to north Arkansas for the funeral.  So we are behind.   He is hoping to be able to install all of the furniture on Monday.  Hopefully early Monday morning.  If that is the case, we will leave then and head for Caruthersville, Mo. our first stop.
Since Jim and Libbie were ready to leave, they are leaving in the morning and will wait for us in Caruthersville.  There just happens to be a casino in town so I am sure they won't be bored waiting for us.
We spent this day finishing up a few things that we had left to do.  We installed two more new LED lights in the kitchen and did some more purging in the bins outside.  We seemed to have collected two of several bus washing items.  Two window cleaners, two  one gallon containers of windshield wiper cleaner, wax and polishes and micro fiber rags galore.  When did we think we were going to use all this stuff!  We left one each of what we need to wash the bus and windshield and stored the other in the garage for later.  We took out a couple of extra lounge chairs and tables that we haven't used in years.  Now we have room for lots of new "stuff"!
Tomorrow we will finish loading the clothes and food.  We will be ready Monday, whether the furniture is or not.