Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Home again... for awhile at least.

We made it home without any problems.  Oh how I hate moving all the "stuff" back in the house.  We have been gone so much, this doesn't even feel like home to me anymore.  I have unloaded the bus and emptied the refrigerator.  The washer has been going for the last two days getting all the bedding clean for the next trip.  That didn't sound good, yes I wash the bedding while we are gone.  LOL  We are suppose to take the motorhome to an upholstery shop tomorrow so that he can take a look at our couches and chairs and give us an estimate on recovering them.  I have found new ones online but if he can recover these, I think it will not only save me money but time also.  The place I found online builds them after you order them and then they would have to be shipped.  They have good prices, if you are looking at doing some remodeling of your motorhome, check out
We had to take Buddy to the vet today.  I had made the appointment so that I could get his yearly check up and his shots.  But Buddy added some things to the list.  He hasn't been feeling well since we got home.  In fact, he started licking on his feet a couple of days before we headed home.  I don't know why he did this, but he has all of his feet raw.  He did get what looks like blisters on his pads.  I tried to keep him off the pavement when I walked him since it has been so hot. I don't know if it all started with heat burns or not.  Anyway then when we got home he went on a walkabout.  I let him out to go to the bathroom and the little stinker stayed out most of the night.  When he came home he had a cut on his eye.  I didn't realize until today at the vet's that he has several cuts on his eye.   I don't know what he tangled with but it doesn't look like he won.  The vet put him on antibiotics orally and some eye drops that are also antibiotics.  Bless his heart he isn't eating or being himself.  He just sleeps a lot.  He doesn't like the light in his eyes so he is under the cover in bed right now.  He isn't spoiled or anything.