Friday, August 7, 2015

A new look for our Motorhome is a coming!

We have been looking and talking about getting a new motorhome for months now and I just couldn't find one that I liked as well as what we have.  Our motorhome isn't fancy but it is very comfortable. It  runs good with no problems and gets great fuel mileage.  What more can I ask for?  Well I don't like the carpet. In fact, I think carpet should be banned from RV's.  And the other thing that I would change is the furniture.  It has seen better days.  Today we got the ball rolling on a remodel for Ole Betsy.
We took the RV to the Upholstery shop and they took everything out.  I mean everything!  LOL  Does this not look redneck?  Doug had to drive the RV home sitting in a lawn chair.
The living room looks bigger, even with the slide in, now that there is nothing in it.  Maybe we should just use lawn chairs or a chase lounge and let it go at that.  LOL
                             On the floor are some samples that I am looking at to replace the carpet.
This is the one that I am leaning towards.  With all the light cabinets and the furniture will again be off white leather, I thought a dark floor would look nice.  The lighter sample is too red and the other dark panel doesn't have the light variations that this one does.  I think this might be it but I will look at one more store before I decide.  I hope to get on his schedule for next week so I have to decide pretty quick.   What do you think?