Sunday, August 16, 2015

A little paint here, a little there

We worked in the motorhome doing some touch up painting.  The front of the bus and the door had some areas that were looking yellowed from the sun.  We touched them up with some paint today.  I didn't take any pictures today but will try to get some tomorrow.  We have finished up cleaning and sealing the floor.  There was a dark area around part of the slide where at some time water had gotten in.  We sprayed that with water proof sealant in case it ever happened again.  We have one last area to paint tomorrow and all of our work will be finished.  On the inside that is.... Doug bought new headlights to replace ours.  They had yellowed and he had tried cleaning and polishing them but they just weren't doing the job he had wanted them to do.  When we had that late night arrival he found out the hard way that they weren't very bright either.
This is what he ordered.  They are headlights for a 1999 Ford Explorer.  Who knew that is what is on our Holiday Rambler?   These are on our to-do list after interior is completed.
While we are doing this remodel, I am also doing a little purging.  It is amazing to me how much "stuff" we accumulate.  I decided that if we haven't used it on these last two long trips, we probably don't need it.  I had bedding for the couch that makes into a bed.  Not just 1 set of sheets but three!  I had two extra sets of pillows.  What do I need all that for?  I decided to keep one set of bedding for each bed in motorhome.  I can wash and put them back on the bed.  I decided, if company is coming to stay in the motorhome with us, they can bring their own pillows.   This alone saved a lot of room.  I had several extra pots and pans and even those lunch trays.  You remember the trays that have a slot for each food item and a slot for your drink.  I don't know why I thought we needed them.  I bought 4 trays years ago.  We have never used them.  I think it's time to let them go.  I am not one to save things.  If I don't use it, it's a goner.  If I have collected this much and I am prone to pitch, I can't even imagine what all Doug has in his outside bins!  He never wants to throw away anything!  He might need it sometime.  My theory is, if you need it go buy it, because if you have it, you probably can't find it anyway (or you don't remember you have it).  Lordy, I hope he doesn't read this.  :)