Saturday, August 29, 2015

If it can go wrong, it probably will

Our upholstery guy had a death in the family and had to go to north Arkansas for the funeral.  So we are behind.   He is hoping to be able to install all of the furniture on Monday.  Hopefully early Monday morning.  If that is the case, we will leave then and head for Caruthersville, Mo. our first stop.
Since Jim and Libbie were ready to leave, they are leaving in the morning and will wait for us in Caruthersville.  There just happens to be a casino in town so I am sure they won't be bored waiting for us.
We spent this day finishing up a few things that we had left to do.  We installed two more new LED lights in the kitchen and did some more purging in the bins outside.  We seemed to have collected two of several bus washing items.  Two window cleaners, two  one gallon containers of windshield wiper cleaner, wax and polishes and micro fiber rags galore.  When did we think we were going to use all this stuff!  We left one each of what we need to wash the bus and windshield and stored the other in the garage for later.  We took out a couple of extra lounge chairs and tables that we haven't used in years.  Now we have room for lots of new "stuff"!
Tomorrow we will finish loading the clothes and food.  We will be ready Monday, whether the furniture is or not.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Checked on progress of upholstery today, it's going to be close

We checked on the progress of our furniture today.  I am getting a little nervous.  We are suppose to leave on Saturday.
                         This is what they looked like last week.  Just a bunch of pieces!
                                               This, he tells me, is part of the couch arm.
                            This is the front of the couch which is also a drawer.
                   This is the bottom front of the J-couch.  Still in pieces but at least looking better!
They are cutting out more and more pieces.  These couches have a zillion pieces to be sewn together. But he assures me that they will be ready to install in the motorhome no later than Friday.  That's cutting it close since we are suppose to leave on our Canada trip Saturday.   I am getting nervous and excited!

Friday, August 21, 2015

New flooring is installed!

Today the new flooring was installed in the motor home.
 The guys arrived around 9:00 this morning and hit the floor running.  I couldn't believe how fast this floor went down.  It sure makes a difference when you know what you are doing.  I hate to even think how long it would have taken us.  Not to mention how many boards we would have ruined with miss-cuts.
 They drilled holes for the bolts that hold the couch down.  They even got it right the first time!
 I think it even looks good dusty.   Now I can't wait for the furniture to be finished.
 Doug changed out the roller on the slide.  See the orange?  The new roller has an orange rubber casing around the metal.  It should protect the floor better than just metal that the other one was.  The other two rollers on the ceramic tile were rubber coated like this.

We are replacing the floor registers with darker ones.
 This is the new carpet in the bedroom.  It is so soft.  It is a short shag.  They were through and on their way by noon.  Good job guys!

We went by the upholstery shop and this is what my two couches look like right now.  Not a pretty sight.  Didn't know they would come apart in so many pieces.  I was a little worried when I saw that he hadn't even started on them.  He told me that he was working all weekend on them and that I could stop by Sunday afternoon and take pictures.  I just hope that there is something to take pictures of on Sunday.  After seeing how good the floors look, I am really excited to see the furniture completed.  I am ready to start putting this motorhome back together.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A little paint here, a little there

We worked in the motorhome doing some touch up painting.  The front of the bus and the door had some areas that were looking yellowed from the sun.  We touched them up with some paint today.  I didn't take any pictures today but will try to get some tomorrow.  We have finished up cleaning and sealing the floor.  There was a dark area around part of the slide where at some time water had gotten in.  We sprayed that with water proof sealant in case it ever happened again.  We have one last area to paint tomorrow and all of our work will be finished.  On the inside that is.... Doug bought new headlights to replace ours.  They had yellowed and he had tried cleaning and polishing them but they just weren't doing the job he had wanted them to do.  When we had that late night arrival he found out the hard way that they weren't very bright either.
This is what he ordered.  They are headlights for a 1999 Ford Explorer.  Who knew that is what is on our Holiday Rambler?   These are on our to-do list after interior is completed.
While we are doing this remodel, I am also doing a little purging.  It is amazing to me how much "stuff" we accumulate.  I decided that if we haven't used it on these last two long trips, we probably don't need it.  I had bedding for the couch that makes into a bed.  Not just 1 set of sheets but three!  I had two extra sets of pillows.  What do I need all that for?  I decided to keep one set of bedding for each bed in motorhome.  I can wash and put them back on the bed.  I decided, if company is coming to stay in the motorhome with us, they can bring their own pillows.   This alone saved a lot of room.  I had several extra pots and pans and even those lunch trays.  You remember the trays that have a slot for each food item and a slot for your drink.  I don't know why I thought we needed them.  I bought 4 trays years ago.  We have never used them.  I think it's time to let them go.  I am not one to save things.  If I don't use it, it's a goner.  If I have collected this much and I am prone to pitch, I can't even imagine what all Doug has in his outside bins!  He never wants to throw away anything!  He might need it sometime.  My theory is, if you need it go buy it, because if you have it, you probably can't find it anyway (or you don't remember you have it).  Lordy, I hope he doesn't read this.  :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Removing carpet is hard work!

All of the carpet is up.  That was some hard work.  I know that it is easier when building a new motorhome to put the floors down first and build the walls on top of that, but I must say, it's a bugger to try and take that flooring up!  We found that some needle nose pliers will pull that last little bit close to the wall right up.  The installers are scheduled for Friday the 21st.  In the meantime, there is some touch up painting I want to do around the stairwell.  Of course there is about an inch of dust on everything that needs cleaning.  I found out that my vacuum cleaner wasn't doing near the job I thought it was.  While taking out all of the carpet, that vacuum cleaner went out the door too!
The adventure continues.... LOL

Monday, August 10, 2015

Making some progress on the motorhome

Today we decided to get a head start on the motorhome.  We have had a little trouble with the trap door or floor that covers the stairwell while driving.  Doug decided now might be a good time to take it apart and fix it.

 Of course we had one screw that just didn't want to come out.  I think it took longer to get it out than it did to fix whatever it was that he fixed.  LOL
It's all in pieces here.  He keeps telling me he thinks it looks better like this and that he is going to leave it this way.  I don't think so.

While he was doing that I got busy ripping up the carpet.  I don't know why.  I am sure the installers would have done it.  I just wanted to see what the floor looked like underneath.  I did find out one thing.  My old vacuum cleaner is not very good at its job.  The dirt under the pad was horrible and when I went to vacuum it up, all it did was move it around.  The carpet removal wasn't that hard a job either.  It may have been because it was so old and worn out.  LOL  The flooring underneath is fine.  Tomorrow I will pull the slide out and finish taking it up.  I will also call the flooring company to come out measure and give me a price for installing the new floor.  I hope to have this part completed this week.

Friday, August 7, 2015

A new look for our Motorhome is a coming!

We have been looking and talking about getting a new motorhome for months now and I just couldn't find one that I liked as well as what we have.  Our motorhome isn't fancy but it is very comfortable. It  runs good with no problems and gets great fuel mileage.  What more can I ask for?  Well I don't like the carpet. In fact, I think carpet should be banned from RV's.  And the other thing that I would change is the furniture.  It has seen better days.  Today we got the ball rolling on a remodel for Ole Betsy.
We took the RV to the Upholstery shop and they took everything out.  I mean everything!  LOL  Does this not look redneck?  Doug had to drive the RV home sitting in a lawn chair.
The living room looks bigger, even with the slide in, now that there is nothing in it.  Maybe we should just use lawn chairs or a chase lounge and let it go at that.  LOL
                             On the floor are some samples that I am looking at to replace the carpet.
This is the one that I am leaning towards.  With all the light cabinets and the furniture will again be off white leather, I thought a dark floor would look nice.  The lighter sample is too red and the other dark panel doesn't have the light variations that this one does.  I think this might be it but I will look at one more store before I decide.  I hope to get on his schedule for next week so I have to decide pretty quick.   What do you think?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Home again... for awhile at least.

We made it home without any problems.  Oh how I hate moving all the "stuff" back in the house.  We have been gone so much, this doesn't even feel like home to me anymore.  I have unloaded the bus and emptied the refrigerator.  The washer has been going for the last two days getting all the bedding clean for the next trip.  That didn't sound good, yes I wash the bedding while we are gone.  LOL  We are suppose to take the motorhome to an upholstery shop tomorrow so that he can take a look at our couches and chairs and give us an estimate on recovering them.  I have found new ones online but if he can recover these, I think it will not only save me money but time also.  The place I found online builds them after you order them and then they would have to be shipped.  They have good prices, if you are looking at doing some remodeling of your motorhome, check out
We had to take Buddy to the vet today.  I had made the appointment so that I could get his yearly check up and his shots.  But Buddy added some things to the list.  He hasn't been feeling well since we got home.  In fact, he started licking on his feet a couple of days before we headed home.  I don't know why he did this, but he has all of his feet raw.  He did get what looks like blisters on his pads.  I tried to keep him off the pavement when I walked him since it has been so hot. I don't know if it all started with heat burns or not.  Anyway then when we got home he went on a walkabout.  I let him out to go to the bathroom and the little stinker stayed out most of the night.  When he came home he had a cut on his eye.  I didn't realize until today at the vet's that he has several cuts on his eye.   I don't know what he tangled with but it doesn't look like he won.  The vet put him on antibiotics orally and some eye drops that are also antibiotics.  Bless his heart he isn't eating or being himself.  He just sleeps a lot.  He doesn't like the light in his eyes so he is under the cover in bed right now.  He isn't spoiled or anything.