Sunday, July 26, 2015

We really are leaving this time

We have posponed leaving Amarillo several times but today will be our last day here.  This is the part I hate, leaving.  We have had a great time here and lots of fun with the kids.  They sure wear us out though.  I think I could sleep for a solid week!
 We drove to the old downtown of Amarillo that is on Route 66 and had a burger at Cowboy Gelato.
 There are lots of neat shops on Route 66.  Antique and unique gift shops mostly.

 They have a map of all the restaurants and shops on the strip.

 Yesterday we went to Sizemore's RV where Lori and Brian looked at travel trailers.  They have decided to buy one and wanted to see the options available.
                                                   Logan had to look cool while looking at them.
                                            Just blatant grandmother bragging pictures.
                                                                 This one is a mess.
I wish my grandchildren lived closer together.  Right now we are in a 10 hour triangle.  It's 10 hours from Houston to Amarillo and Amarillo to Pine Bluff is also 10 hours.  There needs to be a lot of moving closer going on.  We leave for home in the morning.  I am missing them already and we haven't even left yet.
While I am bragging on my grandkids, let me take this time to brag some more.

My daughter in law, Lori, is a writer and also  book reviewer and paranormal book editor for Romantic Times magazine.  She submitted a manuscript for the Daphne Award.  The winner was announced this week at the RWA conference in New York.  There were over 900 entries.  She won 2nd place.  I am so proud of her.  I wish she had more time to work on her writing.  It's very hard to raise two children and have time to write.  Congratulations Lori!!!!