Friday, July 31, 2015

Home and gone again, but not for long

We left Amarillo on Monday morning.  We drove for almost 11 hours to get home.  My aunt passed away and I wanted to be there for the funeral on Tuesday morning.  This was sudden and unexpected.  I wish I could have seen her and spoke with her one more time.  She was one strong woman.  She was also a hoot.  I will miss her.
                                                    RIP Aunt Lillian, we miss you already.

We spent the next day just resting.  It's amazing how tired you can get from just sitting and riding in a vehicle all day.  Today we came to Tunica for a little R&R.  Really we came for crab legs.  LOL  Doug loves them.  They are second only to steak as his favorite food.  And here he can get all-you-can- eat crab legs.  We will stay here a few days and do some shopping, eating and a little gambling.  See, as I said, a little R&R.