Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Are we sure it's July!

Yesterday I woke up to temperatures in the 50's!  That was a cold walk.  Again this morning it is cool.  Not as cool as yesterday but in the 60's.  Of course there is always a breeze blowing in Amarillo.  Sometimes the word breeze doesn't come close to qualifying what is blowing around here.  Though unusual, it has been nice not sweltering in the heat.  I hope it lasts a few more days.  Doug has decided that it must be us and is trying to figure out how to sell this weather.  When we left Arkansas it was raining.  After arriving in Houston, they had more rain than ever anticipated.  Flooding has abounded and there is no draught.  We moved on to Amarillo, and you guessed it.  More rain and flooding.  I think the people of California would pay us a pretty penny to come and bring rain there.  They may not let us back in Arkansas though... LOL
 We are having fun with the grands.  This one is a mess.  He is so funny and all boy.
                                          He found the doggy door.  Probably not a good thing.
We took the kids swimming.  It was a first for Logan.  He loved it.  He especially liked splashing us all.
Today is his actual birthday.  Since his dad had to work on this day we celebrated on the 4th.  We did however save a couple of presents for him to open today.  Can't believe it's been a year already.  Happy 1st Birthday Logan!