Friday, July 31, 2015

Home and gone again, but not for long

We left Amarillo on Monday morning.  We drove for almost 11 hours to get home.  My aunt passed away and I wanted to be there for the funeral on Tuesday morning.  This was sudden and unexpected.  I wish I could have seen her and spoke with her one more time.  She was one strong woman.  She was also a hoot.  I will miss her.
                                                    RIP Aunt Lillian, we miss you already.

We spent the next day just resting.  It's amazing how tired you can get from just sitting and riding in a vehicle all day.  Today we came to Tunica for a little R&R.  Really we came for crab legs.  LOL  Doug loves them.  They are second only to steak as his favorite food.  And here he can get all-you-can- eat crab legs.  We will stay here a few days and do some shopping, eating and a little gambling.  See, as I said, a little R&R.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

We really are leaving this time

We have posponed leaving Amarillo several times but today will be our last day here.  This is the part I hate, leaving.  We have had a great time here and lots of fun with the kids.  They sure wear us out though.  I think I could sleep for a solid week!
 We drove to the old downtown of Amarillo that is on Route 66 and had a burger at Cowboy Gelato.
 There are lots of neat shops on Route 66.  Antique and unique gift shops mostly.

 They have a map of all the restaurants and shops on the strip.

 Yesterday we went to Sizemore's RV where Lori and Brian looked at travel trailers.  They have decided to buy one and wanted to see the options available.
                                                   Logan had to look cool while looking at them.
                                            Just blatant grandmother bragging pictures.
                                                                 This one is a mess.
I wish my grandchildren lived closer together.  Right now we are in a 10 hour triangle.  It's 10 hours from Houston to Amarillo and Amarillo to Pine Bluff is also 10 hours.  There needs to be a lot of moving closer going on.  We leave for home in the morning.  I am missing them already and we haven't even left yet.
While I am bragging on my grandkids, let me take this time to brag some more.

My daughter in law, Lori, is a writer and also  book reviewer and paranormal book editor for Romantic Times magazine.  She submitted a manuscript for the Daphne Award.  The winner was announced this week at the RWA conference in New York.  There were over 900 entries.  She won 2nd place.  I am so proud of her.  I wish she had more time to work on her writing.  It's very hard to raise two children and have time to write.  Congratulations Lori!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Winding down our stay here

It's sad but our time here is coming to a close.  Texas might be glad for us to leave.  The rain follows us wherever we go.  Get ready Arkansas, here we come.
We had a nice shower again yesterday that culminated in a beautiful double rainbow.   I love rainbows.  They are so happy looking.  The outside rainbow didn't show up in this picture.

Today we went to an outdoor event and vendor show.  I had meant to take my camera but forgot it.  Probably was a good thing.  It was way too crowded to be carrying a camera and we had enough "stuff" to carry.  Meaning all the things we both bought.

Our first "find" was the grill mat.  I had never seen or heard of these.  You place them over the grate and cook away.  Nothing sticks to them and they are dish washer safe.  This keeps you from having to clean the grill all the time.  Just place this on the surface.  This will be especially handy when traveling and using the parks grills.  You don't have to scrub them or wonder what was cooked on them before you.  You even still have grill marks.

Next we purchased this gel seat cushion.  It was developed for mattresses for burn victims.  They prevent pressure points.  They seem to work.  Doug even sat on a pair of locking pliers and couldn't feel them.   How is that for a selling point.  I think this will help Doug while driving the RV.  His back and legs start hurting.  Since this prevents pressure points, hopefully it will ease that pain and make driving more comfortable for him.

Next we came across some natural jewelry cleaner.  I am a sucker for anything jewelry related.  It is safe for soft stones such as opal and pearls, gold and silver.

I also purchased these shoe cushions that will work in any shoe, even flip flops.  They massage your feet as you walk.  I am not as convinced that this was a great purchase.  I don't know how long they will last, but I was on a role by this time.

Last but not least, these mini pies were irresistible.  The hardest part was narrowing it down to two.
We got the buttermilk coconut pie and the berry bumble, which is a blackberry, blueberry strawberry pie.  This doesn't bode well for my blood sugar!

It was a good day,  everyone had a good time and we finished up eating at Aspen Creek Grill.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Are we sure it's July!

Yesterday I woke up to temperatures in the 50's!  That was a cold walk.  Again this morning it is cool.  Not as cool as yesterday but in the 60's.  Of course there is always a breeze blowing in Amarillo.  Sometimes the word breeze doesn't come close to qualifying what is blowing around here.  Though unusual, it has been nice not sweltering in the heat.  I hope it lasts a few more days.  Doug has decided that it must be us and is trying to figure out how to sell this weather.  When we left Arkansas it was raining.  After arriving in Houston, they had more rain than ever anticipated.  Flooding has abounded and there is no draught.  We moved on to Amarillo, and you guessed it.  More rain and flooding.  I think the people of California would pay us a pretty penny to come and bring rain there.  They may not let us back in Arkansas though... LOL
 We are having fun with the grands.  This one is a mess.  He is so funny and all boy.
                                          He found the doggy door.  Probably not a good thing.
We took the kids swimming.  It was a first for Logan.  He loved it.  He especially liked splashing us all.
Today is his actual birthday.  Since his dad had to work on this day we celebrated on the 4th.  We did however save a couple of presents for him to open today.  Can't believe it's been a year already.  Happy 1st Birthday Logan!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hope everyone had a great and safe 4th!

We had a great family day on the 4th.  We smoked some chicken wings and Lori cooked a pork butt.  Yum it was good.  Logan will turn one on July 8th.  On this weekday, Brian will have to work so it was decided to have his First birthday party on the 4th.  We got things cooking and headed to Canyon, TX for their 4th of July celebration.

                                   Of course, the center to every town square is the Court House.
            There were all kinds of vendors.  Even this motorhome, which was a boutique on wheels!

Ashlynn took a turn trying to climb the rock wall.  She should have worn tennis shoes and not flip flops.
                           Logan got his first taste of a funnel cake and he loved it.  (of course)

The kids played in the floor while we finished up food prep.

                                  Logan loves to climb.  You have to keep an eye on that boy!

Then we had a birthday party!
                                                         This cake was for just Logan.
 He loves Mickey Mouse.  He even got to meet him at Disney World this summer. The new Mickey even talks!
Logan really enjoyed his first birthday cake!

This is all that was left of it.  Most of it was in his hair, hands and floor.  The dogs loved it too.  LOL
It was a great time with a great little family.  I hope that everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July.  Thank you so much to all that have served to make this country free and safe.