Sunday, June 28, 2015

Well this wasn't a good day

Things must have been going too well.  Doug installed new LED lights over the couch.  I have more coming in for the other side of the RV.

They are very bright and I am happy with them.  From there it's downhill.  We started getting ready to roll this morning.  Doug was checking all the tires to make sure they were properly inflated since we have been here so long.  While doing that he noticed that the front passenger side tire was leaking oil.  Oil, you say.  How can a tire leak oil.  You got me...  well it wasn't the tire it was the wheel.  It seems that we had a busted seal.  We called Good Sams for help finding someone to repair it.  The dufus that they used subcontracted out the work.  The problem with that is he told his contractor it was a tire problem.  He doesn't bring the right tools to fix the problem.  By this time it's noon and we are no closer to leaving than we were the day before.  The guy says he can't do anything for us and leaves but before he does he tells us that there is someone next door to RV park that can probably fix our problem.
So we take the motorhome next door to a "outside storage/open-your-on-shop-under-a-tent garage.  LOL
 They had the part off in less that 10 minutes.  Then I drove to Houston Freightliner to get the replacement part.  This place is open 24/7 so you wouldn't think that it would be so busy that there was a line out the door waiting to be waited on.  Yep, I spent 2 hours in line waiting to get the part.  When I left the line still went out the door.  This is such a common problem they offer free soda drinks, popcorn and I guess in the a.m., donuts.  There was a large donut case that had a sign on it, "Keep Calm and eat a Donut!"  LOL

 By the time I got back with the part it was almost 6:00.  The RV park we have been staying in was closed.  It's gated and I had turned in our remote control for the gate.

At my urging, we decided to leave and head to Waco.  It is only a couple hundred miles.  We didn't get into Waco until after 9.  The GPS made us miss our exit.  It was saying, in 2 miles take exit 346.  I look up and we are passing exit 346.  The next two exits were wrong.  By now our windshield is covered in dead bugs, its dark and we can't see a thing.  On top of that they are doing road construction in this area.  We miss our turn twice because of poor vision.  I am praying Lord just get us there, we will never drive after dark again.  We weave in and out of construction cones, jump a couple of curbs and finally make it to the RV park.
I hope tomorrow is a better day.  Later