Friday, June 19, 2015

A fun day at Johnson Space Center and Kemah Boardwalk

With a nice break in the weather, Debbie and I set out for a fun-filled day at NASA's Johnson Space Center.

 One of the first things we did was take the tour of the grounds.  We got to enter Mission Control.  This room is exactly as it was when the Apollo missions were ongoing.  Specifically the Moon landing.  The current Mission Control is one floor below this one.  Would loved to have seen it but they have a current mission on the space station and they work 24/7 in that room.  They let us see live feed on the tv's of what was happening in there.  Just a bunch of people staring at monitors.  LOL

                            These are the emblems that the astronauts designed for each mission.
                                                                        The SaturnV

                                   NASA's newest shuttle, the Orion.  It is being tested now.
                                                                    The largest meteorite.

If you are in the Houston area, this is well worth your time.  I really enjoyed my time there.   We left the Space Center and headed for Kemah Boardwalk.

 This was a very interesting area.  Lots of shops, restaurants, carnival type games and of course rides.

Of course there were lots of boats in the water too.  But this time there were even more boats in the streets and parking lots.  This weekend they had closed them for the 8th Annual Offshore Performance Display & Stampede Street Party!  Huge cigarette boats were everywhere. Also going on tonight was Rock the Dock Concert Series.  Check it out at
                                                                    It was a fun day!