Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Well that was one heck of a storm!

The rains started yesterday evening and just wouldn't quit.  By the time they finally did, Houston area had received as much as 11" of rain.  That's a lot of rain!
This morning there were areas that were devastated and some of us had no flooding at all.
                                           These are some of the areas that weren't so lucky.

                              The only way to get around your neighborhood was by kayak.

                                                Even the Galleria Mall wasn't spared.
Unfortunately, there were fatalities from the flooding.  At last count 3 people have died.
The water is receding but very slowly.  The destruction it leaves behind will take a long time to recover.
I just checked lake levels at Somerville.  It is up 15ft. and still climbing.  Forecast is for more rain this evening.   Just what we need.