Saturday, May 30, 2015

We give up.... cancelled again

We just got notified that our reservations on "higher ground" were canceled.  The lake is still rising and is expected to reach record levels before it crests.  To top it off, more rain is expected.
This is a day use area on the opposite side of the lake that we camp. 
Wednesday afternoon the level was 256.27.  The record high is 259.60.  They are expecting it to meet or surpass that record.
All plans are on hold now.  I don't know if we will go anywhere or not.  The never ending rain puts a damper on any travel.
While we were at Holiday World, there was a very unhappy camper that had brought his travel trailer in for repairs.  It seems he had pulled under something that was a little to low.  Unfortunately he didn't know he was scraping the roof until he hit the ladder.  He said he didn't hear a thing until that ladder started coming apart. Bummer!

You have to look real close to see the damage on the roof edge.  I see a new roof in his future.
Since we were suppose to leave for the lake our site was rented out from under us.  We had to move to a new RV resort.  It is actually closer to Mike's house than West Lake.  

Katy Lake RV Resort is the name.  It has almost the same layout as West Lake.  The lake is about the same size with a fountain in the center.  This one however has a concrete sidewalk that circles the lake.  It is a 1/4 mile walk around the lake.
There is a nice club house that has an exercise room, game room and laundry.

There is an outdoor kitchen and a heated pool with a "beach entry".  This Resort is also gated.  When we came back last night the gates were closed and our code didn't work.  I had to yell at some people that were out walking to come give me their code so that we could get in.  We will stop at the office to get that fixed today when we leave out.

We did stop on our way out and they gave us another code for the gate.  It didn't work either so she just gave us a remote.  That will work!