Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Flooding at Lake Somerville

We received emails from that our reservations at the lake had been cancelled.  We new that it was high but were hoping that it would stabilize or drop.  That's not what has happened.

Last weekend the lake was up 7 feet.  It is still rising and its over 10 feet now.  This site would now be under water.
We are looking for a plan B.  Lake Livingston is a much larger lake and on the east side of Houston.  We haven't heard of any flooding at that lake.  Right now there are sites available but look very wooded.  I am not sure if they can accommodate our rig.  We will do some checking on that one and Brazos River area.
Kaitlyn came out wearing a "new" hairdo.  This one brought back lots of memories for me.  This is the way my mammaw wore her long her everyday.  She had what she called a "rat" that she rolled her long hair up in.

Kaitlyn used a headband.  Everything old is new again!  LOL