Saturday, May 30, 2015

We give up.... cancelled again

We just got notified that our reservations on "higher ground" were canceled.  The lake is still rising and is expected to reach record levels before it crests.  To top it off, more rain is expected.
This is a day use area on the opposite side of the lake that we camp. 
Wednesday afternoon the level was 256.27.  The record high is 259.60.  They are expecting it to meet or surpass that record.
All plans are on hold now.  I don't know if we will go anywhere or not.  The never ending rain puts a damper on any travel.
While we were at Holiday World, there was a very unhappy camper that had brought his travel trailer in for repairs.  It seems he had pulled under something that was a little to low.  Unfortunately he didn't know he was scraping the roof until he hit the ladder.  He said he didn't hear a thing until that ladder started coming apart. Bummer!

You have to look real close to see the damage on the roof edge.  I see a new roof in his future.
Since we were suppose to leave for the lake our site was rented out from under us.  We had to move to a new RV resort.  It is actually closer to Mike's house than West Lake.  

Katy Lake RV Resort is the name.  It has almost the same layout as West Lake.  The lake is about the same size with a fountain in the center.  This one however has a concrete sidewalk that circles the lake.  It is a 1/4 mile walk around the lake.
There is a nice club house that has an exercise room, game room and laundry.

There is an outdoor kitchen and a heated pool with a "beach entry".  This Resort is also gated.  When we came back last night the gates were closed and our code didn't work.  I had to yell at some people that were out walking to come give me their code so that we could get in.  We will stop at the office to get that fixed today when we leave out.

We did stop on our way out and they gave us another code for the gate.  It didn't work either so she just gave us a remote.  That will work!  

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Well that was one heck of a storm!

The rains started yesterday evening and just wouldn't quit.  By the time they finally did, Houston area had received as much as 11" of rain.  That's a lot of rain!
This morning there were areas that were devastated and some of us had no flooding at all.
                                           These are some of the areas that weren't so lucky.

                              The only way to get around your neighborhood was by kayak.

                                                Even the Galleria Mall wasn't spared.
Unfortunately, there were fatalities from the flooding.  At last count 3 people have died.
The water is receding but very slowly.  The destruction it leaves behind will take a long time to recover.
I just checked lake levels at Somerville.  It is up 15ft. and still climbing.  Forecast is for more rain this evening.   Just what we need.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Thank you to our Veterans

Today we set aside this day to honor those that have served and sacrificed for our country.  Because of these brave men and women, you and I get to live in a free country.  We must never forget their sacrifice, both large and small.  Just leaving your family for weeks and months at a time is a huge burden on both them and their families.
While you are grilling your favorite meal outside, or lounging in your favorite chair, take a moment to thank those that have given so much for us all.  Pray for those that have lost so much, that they may have peace in their hearts.
A special thank you to my oldest son, who missed so much of his daughters first years to serve our country.  Thank you to my daughter-in-law, who had to be brave and stay home and keep everything running smooth while he was gone.  We must never forget the sacrifices of all.
Thank you all.  Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

New reservations at Somerville

We found higher sites at Somerville and made reservations again hoping that the levels would drop in this up coming week.  Last time I checked the lake was up 12ft.  We sure could use some dry weather around here.  We woke up this morning to a tornado warning.  Not exactly the way to greet the morning.  Luckily for us it was a funnel cloud that wound up passing over us.  I sure don't want to ride out a tornado in a motorhome.  Doug was watching radar as I contemplated our choices.  I was glad when that cell was gone and things calmed down.
Let's hope that the lake starts falling this week so that we won't be cancelled again or worse, spend a week at the lake and it rain every day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Flooding at Lake Somerville

We received emails from that our reservations at the lake had been cancelled.  We new that it was high but were hoping that it would stabilize or drop.  That's not what has happened.

Last weekend the lake was up 7 feet.  It is still rising and its over 10 feet now.  This site would now be under water.
We are looking for a plan B.  Lake Livingston is a much larger lake and on the east side of Houston.  We haven't heard of any flooding at that lake.  Right now there are sites available but look very wooded.  I am not sure if they can accommodate our rig.  We will do some checking on that one and Brazos River area.
Kaitlyn came out wearing a "new" hairdo.  This one brought back lots of memories for me.  This is the way my mammaw wore her long her everyday.  She had what she called a "rat" that she rolled her long hair up in.

Kaitlyn used a headband.  Everything old is new again!  LOL

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Doug!

Today is my sweeties birthday.   He is my best friend and as he says, my bus driver.  I don't know what I would do without him.  I give him a hard time sometimes, but I have to, to keep him in line.
He is really enjoying this peepaw stuff.  He loves playing and loving on all the grandkids.  He is the baby whisperer.  He can get them to sleep when no one else can.   Happy Birthday! I love you!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A ride to Lake Somerville

Today we drove to Lake Somerville to take Mike's camper back to it's storage garage.  He keeps it close to the lake at the same site he has his party barge.  He had brought the camper into town to have a slide topper installed.  There is not a lot of room on his street to leave such a large travel trailer, so back it went today.  In a couple of weeks we will be heading to the lake to camp for two weeks.  There has been so much rain in the area we thought we would take a look at the lake to see how much it was up.   Well, it is up pretty high right now and it is still rising.

The water should be at least 100 yards back.  Mike has put a tent under that tree!
This is not a good picture but that is the boat ramp and dock.  The bridge to the dock is completely underwater.  Right now they have the boat ramp closed.  Hope this goes down before we arrive.
 The butterflies were out today.  It was a pretty day for a change.   It was good to be out.
                                                This crane at the RV Park thought so too.
                                Lucas did too!  He was talking away when I took this picture.
When we got back to Mike's house he cooked us boiled shrimp, crab legs, corn on the cob, mushrooms and crawfish.  Yum was it good.

                                               Sorry only picture is of the aftermath!  LOL

Catching up again

It's becoming a habit to not post very often but I have to admit that not much has been going on to post.  We have just been playing with the baby and going to doctor appointments.  My legs are finally getting better but look horrible.

I went back to the Rheumatologist on Thursday and got the news that I indeed have RA and will need treatment.  The good news is that I don't have any damage in my joints at this point and starting treatment now should delay or prevent damage in the near future.  I will begin methotrexate this weekend.  I only have to take 1 pill a week.  I will also take folic acid because it will deplete that.  More pills! YUK  I will also have to go back to the doctor for blood work in 6 weeks.  I do not know what this will do to our travel plans.  I don't know if we will delay our trip to Amarillo or go ahead and go and come back to Houston.  This is frustrating.  Doug also has a new doctors appointment.  His heart rate is way to high and his new GP doesn't like that.  He also has an irregular heartbeat.  They want him to see a cardiologist.  He sees this new doctor on Tuesday.  Hopefully, everything will be normal, but with our luck, he may need treatment also.  We are spending way too much time in the doctors office.  Is this the norm for aging?  I hope not.  I have other plans for our retirement and they don't include spending all my time in a doctors office.
I had some pictures I took on my new phone that I wanted to post but for some reason they didn't transfer to iCloud and I haven't been able to access them on my computer.  I guess I will  take a look at my phone and see what settings have changed.  Hopefully I can get this figured out and post