Friday, March 20, 2015

May I introduce Lucas Douglas

The day finally came and we went to the hospital to meet our newest grandson.  The wait seemed to be forever.
Mike sent me a message that the assisants name was Audrey (my moms name).  I cried when he sent the next one.  He felt that his grandmother was there with them.
This was our first glimpse of Mike and the baby.  Through glass.  Since Kaitlyn had a c section, they sent Mike to the nursery with the baby while they finished up with Kaitlyn.

This was all we got to see of Lucas on his birthday.  Since he was a C-section baby, he had a little trouble with high heart rate because of fluid in his lungs.  They kept him in the nursery for 6 hours and when he was still having problems moved him to Nic-U and put him on a Cpap to open his lungs up.  Dry him out.  LOL

By the next day he was doing great.  They let him come to his room.  The red marks on his cheeks are from the tape they used to hold cpap in place.

He probably thought he was a movie star with all the flashes going off.

Yesterday we finally got a chance to put his St. Patricks Day outfit on him.  It was suppose to be worn on his birthday, which was St. Paddy's Day!

Today, Friday, they are letting them go home.    It's a good day.