Sunday, March 15, 2015

Just checking in

Not a lot going on around here.  We have had a lot of rain and cool weather.  In fact today was the first day of sunshine and warmth since we have been here.
It was raining when I took this, but this is the view out our windshield since we moved to WestLake RV Resort.
This is a picture to prove that I have cooked since we have been here.  Not much, but I have.  This is pork loin in BBQ sauce cooking in the slow cooker.
 Since it was so nice outside today, Doug and I went to the flea market.  This place is huge.  We walked around for almost 3 hours and didn't cover it all.

 This was a grill we saw.  They had all different shapes.  This steer was nice and shiny.  It also was $650.
 It didn't have a very large cooking surface to be as large as it was.
                                                       Here is an alligator grill.
 When I said they had everything at this flea market, I meant everything!  That pink thing is a mock casket.  You can even plan your funeral here.  LOL
 How do you like this corvette?  This man was zipping all over the place in his "vette".
 A couple were shopping for fruit for their chameleon.  It really was pretty.
                                          There was all kinds of fruits and vegetables.
 Even Nascar was represented here.  This is one of the cars Kasey Kahne drove.
                                                        This really is a "monster truck".
                         There were several old cars and trucks on display.  I liked these two red ones.

 I don't know who this is. He and his wife were the representatives there with the Great Clips car.  Doug talked with him for a long while about Nascar.
It was a beautiful day.  It sure was nice to be outside for a change.  Hopefully tomorrow will be even better.