Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Back in Houston, waiting for a baby to get here.

We are here waiting on grand baby #3.  We left Arkansas just in time it seems.  Most of the state is under a winter storm warning or watch.  We had 8 inches of snow a couple of days before we left and I think it has stayed around freezing.

Here in Katy, Texas it has been cool but not too cold.  40's and 50's have felt pretty good.  It is slowly warming up and is 79 right now.  Right now I have the windows open in the motor home and am enjoying a nice breeze coming in.  So glad to be somewhere warm.  LOL

While on our way here, I called to just make sure we could get a spot to stay.  I never dreamed I would have a problem and started not to call.  Well, I am glad I did.  I first called Traders Village.  This is a fairly large campground.  I was shocked when they told me they were booked up until March 25.  Really!  I then called West Lake Resort.  They were booked until the first of the week.  They suggested we call Katy lake RV Park.    All I could get was an answering machine.  No one returned my calls.  I got on the internet and started looking.  I found Houston West RV Park.  They had an opening. YEA!  I then found out that the Houston Rodeo was in progress.  This is one of the largest rodeos in the country.  It lasts all month!  Gee I wish I had known this.

We are set up at Houston West and will stay at least a week here.  Then we will probably move to West Lake RV park because it is so close to Mike's house.

As soon as we got set up, water started leaking around the fridge on the outside.  This part had broken.  Doug did a quick fix on it and we went into town to buy a new one.  We got back and found this note on the door.  It had broken again and was pouring water out.  Our neighbor was afraid it was leaking on the inside too and shut our water off.  Thanks neighbors.  Doug replaced the part and all is well.

This is what I have been up to while at home snowed in.

I love to crochet.  It keeps me busy

These are neck collars.  I have to buy buttons to put on them.

Yep I have been busy.  'Later!