Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sickness is all that has been going on here

The kids left after New Years day and the silence was deafening.  It was a good thing they left when they did.   Doug was getting sick and then I got sick a few days after that.  We have been miserable all year!   My head is still all stopped up but I at least I feel like I am going to live now.
 I didn't get the Christmas decorations down until well after the New Year.  This is a FIRST for me.  I ALWAYS take my tree down Christmas night.  I have never liked to look at a tree without any presents under it.  It looks sad.  Well my tree looked sad until after the new year and guess what, I didn't care.  LOL
We should leave and head south as soon as we are well enough.  IT IS COLD HERE!!!  Temps in the teens is not a regular thing in this part of Arkansas.  It's so cold here they have even canceled opening day of racing in Hot Springs.  The horses even think it's too cold to run!  They have moved opening day to the 15th hoping it will be a little warmer.  I wouldn't stand outside in this cold to watch a bunch of horses run, would you?  I would be running to the barn!  Of course the 50¢ corned beef sandwiches and 10¢ drinks they have on opening day would sure be good.

If you haven't been to Oaklawn in Hot Springs, put it on your bucket list!  But make sure its not too cold!
I am going to take some medicine and hopefully feel better!