Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Sis

Today is my sisters birthday.  All of my sisters and their husbands are going to meet us at Colonial Steak House to celebrate.    I haven't been out much since I have been sick, so I grab my kleenex spiffy up and out we go.
                                               The birthday girl... Happy Birthday Debbie... 39 again????

                              We don't all get together very often, so conversation never lags.

 Tried to get Phyllis' picture with her mouth closed, but she never stopped talking.  LOL  Typical Johnson girls!
                           Some of us can't get off the phone....  LOL   Told you we talk a lot.        
 I think I heard, "if she doesn't put that camera up I am going to put it up for her..."
                                       Surprise!!! Got your picture.... He isn't as stern as the pic looks  lol
The only thing about taking the pictures, is you aren't in the pictures.  Oh darn!  LOL

It was a good evening with a lot of catching up with each other.  We live close to each other but life just sometimes gets in the way.  Of course the fact that we are never home does too.

                                  Happy Birthday Sis!!!  I hope you have many many more!