Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A beautiful day in Ruston

                                       The skies cleared and the sun shone beautifully today.

Buddy and I took a walk around the lake.  There were lots of people out walking their kids and dogs.
They have some real nice sites here.  A few are all concrete with fences around them.

All sites have full hook ups.  All this for $25 a night.  Not bad.

We just hung out here at the park all day and didn't leave until around 6:00 to go eat supper.  This campground is gated.  When we pulled up to the keypad and put the code in, nothing happened.  Well the gates hummed a little and tried to move but just stopped.  Hmmmmm  After several attempts to open the gate failed, Doug called the number on the sign.  It was the sheriff's department.  He explained the situation to them and they said they would call the park manager.  While we were waiting, a truck pulled up wanting to get in the park.  Doug told them it was broke and that he had called about help.  Then another truck arrived wanting to get in.  Doug again explained the gate was broke.  This man had a plan.  He walked up and looked at the gate, turned and walked back to his truck.  He returned with a hammer and said, "I can fix this".  He hit the gate lock a couple of times and pieces flew everywhere.  He then pushed the gate open.  Yea, we can get out.  Yea, they can get in.  We left before the park manager arrived.  I guess he couldn't fix it because when we returned from supper, both gates were open.  Yea, we can get back in!  LOL