Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A beautiful day in Ruston

                                       The skies cleared and the sun shone beautifully today.

Buddy and I took a walk around the lake.  There were lots of people out walking their kids and dogs.
They have some real nice sites here.  A few are all concrete with fences around them.

All sites have full hook ups.  All this for $25 a night.  Not bad.

We just hung out here at the park all day and didn't leave until around 6:00 to go eat supper.  This campground is gated.  When we pulled up to the keypad and put the code in, nothing happened.  Well the gates hummed a little and tried to move but just stopped.  Hmmmmm  After several attempts to open the gate failed, Doug called the number on the sign.  It was the sheriff's department.  He explained the situation to them and they said they would call the park manager.  While we were waiting, a truck pulled up wanting to get in the park.  Doug told them it was broke and that he had called about help.  Then another truck arrived wanting to get in.  Doug again explained the gate was broke.  This man had a plan.  He walked up and looked at the gate, turned and walked back to his truck.  He returned with a hammer and said, "I can fix this".  He hit the gate lock a couple of times and pieces flew everywhere.  He then pushed the gate open.  Yea, we can get out.  Yea, they can get in.  We left before the park manager arrived.  I guess he couldn't fix it because when we returned from supper, both gates were open.  Yea, we can get back in!  LOL

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Another shower, this time in Ruston LA

Let's catch up first.
The other day I kept hearing a loud engine noise.  I went outside looking for it and saw a helicopter fly by trailing a cable with something on the end of it.  I ran inside to get the camera but it was hidden by the trees by then.  Can you see the red dot in the center of the pic.
Now can you see it?  Believe it or not that is a helicopter and the object that was trailing below it was a type of chain saw.  LOL Well it was some kind of saw that is used to cut tree limbs from right of ways around utility lines.  That helicopter hovered going up and down for about an hour cutting the limbs.  I wish I could have gotten closer to get a better picture or video.
That evening we had a beautiful sunset.  Again, the trees got in the way.
 We left Friday morning for Ruston, LA.  We were meeting up with Mike and Kaitlyn and her parents.  We set up at Lincoln Parrish park.  We have stayed here before.  It's a very nice campground that looks like you are in the middle of the woods and yet you are very close in town.
The lake has a runners track around it and even with temps in the 30's there were people out  running.  Too cold for me!
Friday night there was a surprise birthday party for Kaitlyn's sister.  It was her 21st!
Not a good picture.  The door opened and I snapped.  She really was surprised.  She doesn't show it as much as her boyfriend does.  LOL
The party was held at the Norton Building.  This was also where the baby shower was held.
Jeff cooked up a huge pot of jambalaya.  It was spicy but very good.
That big pot was packed full when we started eating.  Those college kids can sure put away some food fast.
This morning we went to the  LA Tech campus.  Mike and Kaitlyn are both engineering alumni and wanted to walk around.
 It really is a beautiful campus.
 The fountain is the "Lady of the Mist".  A pregnant Kaitlyn poses in front.

                                                           There is Michael's brick!
                                                        Then it was time to go to the shower.
                                                      I loved the little Darth Vader chair!

It was a good day with friends and family.  Happy birthday Courtney and can't wait for "little Doug" to get here.
Everyone is leaving in the morning heading for home.  We are going to stay one more day and enjoy this park.  safe travels everyone!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Sis

Today is my sisters birthday.  All of my sisters and their husbands are going to meet us at Colonial Steak House to celebrate.    I haven't been out much since I have been sick, so I grab my kleenex spiffy up and out we go.
                                               The birthday girl... Happy Birthday Debbie... 39 again????

                              We don't all get together very often, so conversation never lags.

 Tried to get Phyllis' picture with her mouth closed, but she never stopped talking.  LOL  Typical Johnson girls!
                           Some of us can't get off the phone....  LOL   Told you we talk a lot.        
 I think I heard, "if she doesn't put that camera up I am going to put it up for her..."
                                       Surprise!!! Got your picture.... He isn't as stern as the pic looks  lol
The only thing about taking the pictures, is you aren't in the pictures.  Oh darn!  LOL

It was a good evening with a lot of catching up with each other.  We live close to each other but life just sometimes gets in the way.  Of course the fact that we are never home does too.

                                  Happy Birthday Sis!!!  I hope you have many many more!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sickness is all that has been going on here

The kids left after New Years day and the silence was deafening.  It was a good thing they left when they did.   Doug was getting sick and then I got sick a few days after that.  We have been miserable all year!   My head is still all stopped up but I at least I feel like I am going to live now.
 I didn't get the Christmas decorations down until well after the New Year.  This is a FIRST for me.  I ALWAYS take my tree down Christmas night.  I have never liked to look at a tree without any presents under it.  It looks sad.  Well my tree looked sad until after the new year and guess what, I didn't care.  LOL
We should leave and head south as soon as we are well enough.  IT IS COLD HERE!!!  Temps in the teens is not a regular thing in this part of Arkansas.  It's so cold here they have even canceled opening day of racing in Hot Springs.  The horses even think it's too cold to run!  They have moved opening day to the 15th hoping it will be a little warmer.  I wouldn't stand outside in this cold to watch a bunch of horses run, would you?  I would be running to the barn!  Of course the 50¢ corned beef sandwiches and 10¢ drinks they have on opening day would sure be good.

If you haven't been to Oaklawn in Hot Springs, put it on your bucket list!  But make sure its not too cold!
I am going to take some medicine and hopefully feel better!