Friday, December 26, 2014

Tired, but in a good way

By Christmas morning you could hardly get into the living room.  I have never seen so many presents!

                               The kids were so excited.    I was excited to have them home.
                                                 It was good to see old friends and new ones.
 As you can see, the gift pile was taller than the grand kids.  We all must have been very good this year.
 It wasn't long before the youngest one crashed.  Peepaw sure was happy to be the one to rock him to sleep.

We took a group picture of our family.  Next Christmas we will be larger by one more boy.
Of course we finished the day with a crazy picture... more like the real us!
Our family has truly been blessed this year.  We have good health and we have each other, what more could we need.
Merry Christmas everyone!