Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

This has been a good year for us and I hope that next year is even better.  We traveled quite a bit this year and were away from home for 6 months total.
We acquired a new family member.  Buddy has settled in very nicely and is a very good traveler.
                                          We saw some beautiful homes in the Charleston
and Savannah area

I  didn't let my fear of heights stop me from climbing the lighthouse in St. Augustine, Fla., all 217 steps!
                                                 We went to the racetrack in Daytona.

But I think my favorite place on this trip, were the keys.  I could have stayed there for months.
                  We got us a beautiful new grandson this year.  Logan is such a happy baby.
We saw the corn palace in S.D.
And the Badlands
Casper, Wy.
 We took a canoe ride on the Snake River with the Grand Tetons in the background.
We saw a few eagles, moose and elk.

 Crazy Horse Monument was very impressive.  I would love to see this finished but I doubt that will happen in my lifetime.
It is going to be beautiful.  The size of it is amazing.  
Mt. Rushmore will fit inside just the head dress of Crazy horse.   That's crazy!
The Grand Canyon
The balloon festival at Albuquerque.
Of Course then there was the diesel spill of over 25 gallons.  What a mess and costly too.
We finished up the year with a baby shower for the new one coming in March.

I had my sons and their families here for the holidays and that was just the icing on the cake.
It has been a great year of family and travel.  I hope next year brings as much or more travel, fun and family time.   And of course I am looking forward to the new grandson that is coming next year.
I hope that the new year is happy and prosperous for us, everyone.  

Friday, December 26, 2014

Tired, but in a good way

By Christmas morning you could hardly get into the living room.  I have never seen so many presents!

                               The kids were so excited.    I was excited to have them home.
                                                 It was good to see old friends and new ones.
 As you can see, the gift pile was taller than the grand kids.  We all must have been very good this year.
 It wasn't long before the youngest one crashed.  Peepaw sure was happy to be the one to rock him to sleep.

We took a group picture of our family.  Next Christmas we will be larger by one more boy.
Of course we finished the day with a crazy picture... more like the real us!
Our family has truly been blessed this year.  We have good health and we have each other, what more could we need.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas to all

It's been a while since I posted, but to tell you the truth, there just hasn't been anything to post about since we got home.

We have worked at the house and been to doctor appointments and that is about it.

I have decorated the house and Doug put up lights outside, all in preparation of the kids and grandkids coming in.

Doug has been working on a plaque for Kaitlyn to take with them camping.

Sunday we were surprised by Mike and Kaitlyn coming  in a day early.
The little Patawan is growing!  March will be here before we know it.

Then last night, Tuesday, Brian, Lori, Ashlynn and Logan showed up a day earlier than expected.

It is so great to have everyone home for the holidays!
We are about to go over to my sisters house for a family get together.  Love Chrismas Eve too!