Monday, November 24, 2014

Update on Doug's eye

We went back to the doctor today.  The good news is that the infection is all clear.  The bad news is that it has left a lot of damage.
The newest picture is the one on the top left and middle top.  What you see on the left is a damaged circle on the bottom of the cornea.  That circle has very little tissue.  The picture top middle that looks like a line, is the shape of his cornea.  That drop is lost tissue.  There should be a nice curve.
Doug is still on all medications.  Antibiotics are needed because the tissue is an open wound.  They are precautionary at this point. Steroid is taken because small blood vessels grew into the cornea to heal the infection.  Only problem is, white blood cells also cause rejection.  The course of treatment now is medication and a "healing contact".  I never heard of this.  The contact works like a bandaid to keep the eyelid from tearing the open tissue.  The doctor will recheck him next Monday.  Hopefully this "bandaid" will help the antibiotics heal the open tissue.  If this fails, the next option is something else I have never heard of.  A piece of amniotic tissue will be sewn over the open would to promote healing.  The amniotic tissue is lab grown and has no DNA of it's own so Doug's body won't try to reject it as a foreign body.  Let's hope we don't have to go that route.
We leave tomorrow for Tunica.  Looks like a good time for me to drive again.  Doug's vision is better or maybe I should say it is "near normal" for him.  Doug has not have good vision (20/100) in that eye since he was a small child.  This is "normal vision" for him.  Prayers are welcome and appreciated.