Sunday, November 2, 2014

Back Home

Before leaving town, we stopped at a small Amish store.  They had everything from amish butter to some kind of elixir that is suppose to keep you healthy.
Doug was trying to figure out how anyone could get in the buggy using that little bitty door.
 I had a nice picture of the sunset behind that large oak tree that I love so much and somehow I managed to delete it. I need to be a little more careful when I rest my finger on that delete key.

Passing through Ruston, La.  There are a lot of old buildings and big homes.
I wish I could have gotten a better picture of this home with its' large columns on the front porch.

Now this is an ugly picture.  It looks like we will be heading back to the doctor tomorrow. See the white dot at 6:00?  That unfortunately, is an ulcer.  Doug woke up with this, this morning.  It looks like his cornea transplant is rejecting again.  The blood vessels on the iris isn't good either.  Doug has steroids to start until he sees the doctor.  Hope we can stop it again.  This picture also shows the transplant real well.  What looks like a contact on his eye, is actually his cornea transplant.  Cool huh.
oh well.... welcome home   :)