Thursday, October 2, 2014

Williams AZ

We left Las Vegas this morning heading east.  We are staying at Grand Canyon Railway RV Resort.

But let me back up.  I never posted anything about Las Vegas.  We were going to see "Pawn Stars" downtown.  But when we got there the line was so long out the door, we decided it wasn't that important to go inside.
 Leaving "Pawn Stars" we saw several wedding chapels.  This blue and white one is Graceland Wedding Chapel.
 This is just a picture of a piece of unique architecture.  I couldn't get the entire building but I loved the steel arbor or whatever it is.  It was very large and this picture just doesn't show that.
Let me just say we were overwhelmed by the Strip.
                                                        We went to old downtown first.

Then we headed to the newer strip.

There was just so much to see.  It looked like there were more stores and hotels than casinos.  But I am sure there were casinos hidden in those huge buildings.

One of the funniest things we saw, were these young people on motor scooters.  It was the Beverly Hillbillies come to Las Vegas!  They were riding these scooters like they had never done so before. They would make them buck, burn rubber when they took off and slammed on the brakes to stop.
This guy had noticed us taking pictures and wanted us to take his.  He rode up next to us and started whipping his scooter like it was a bronco.  It was hilarious!  He then turned and gave us the big grin.  I hope they survived the day.