Monday, October 13, 2014

Showing Jim and Libbie around Amarillo

First off, please notice that my pictures are much better in this post.  Yes, I did it, I bought me a new camera.  My pictures had become more and more hazy.  It was so gradual that I really didn't notice it until I started looking at the balloon pictures from Albuquerque.  I knew that I was having to do a lot of work to my photos to make the appear as they should.  Everything was flat and dull.  Somewhere all the line my camera died and I didn't know it.
These pictures have had no enhancement or color adjustment.
Much, Much better!  I bought a Canon Rebel T3.  I really like it.  Hope you can see the difference.  I wish I had done this a long time ago so that my pictures from this trip were better. Anyway......
We took Jim and Libbie around Amarillo today to show them some of the sights.  They have never been here so, off we went.

Our first stop was Jack Sizemore's RV.  Why did we go to an RV dealership you ask?  Well, first off, its a great RV store, better than Camping World in a lot of ways.  One of the first things you see when you walk in the door is a camper/display of lots of neat items for the kitchen in your RV.  All items are unbreakable, compact and light weight.  I wanted one of everything.

But the real reason that we came to this store was because it houses a large RV Museum.
There are also a lot of motorcycles on display.
This was one of the first RV's on the market.

It has not been restored yet.  It was the only RV on display that you could not go into.
I will post outside then inside of a few of the ones I liked best.  I tried the take a picture of the info they had on each one.  You might be able to read it if you blow the picture up some.

                                                               First pop up

                              This RV was in the movie "RV" with Robin Williams

  This little camper was bought from an 84 year woman who had decided it was time to quit traveling.

My favorite was this little camper.  I loved the all turquoise.

                         There is so much more that I could post but I hate to just go on and on.

      I didn't even post pictures of all the motorcycles that were in there.  I think they loved Harley's.
When we left there we went to the Cadillac Ranch.  They have been vandalized and parts of the cars are completely missing now.  After the rain there was a lake of water around most of them.

There is probably 10 lbs of paint in just this one spot!  There is no telling how many layers of paint are on these cars.  

Then there was the stop at Cadillac RV Park.  They didn't bury their Cadillacs.  They restored them and put John Wayne, Charlie Daniels and Elvis in them.  lol
We also made a stop at the Harley Davidson store but I didn't take any pictures there.  It was a good day finished off with a great steak at Hoffbrau's.  If your in Amarillo, stop in and try his smoked sirloin. Yum it's good.