Monday, October 6, 2014

It was Happy Birthday to me kind of day

The day started out slow and a little bit lazy.  The weather is wonderful here. After eating lunch outside, Libbie and I went exploring.
Our first stop was Rock window.  This natural formation is located at the Navajo Nations seat of government and capitol.  In addition to the  Navajo government buildings, there is also a monument to the Navajo Code Talkers of WWII.

While there we met two young  girls that were there to climb the mountain.  When I asked her to please be careful, she told me she had be climbing these mountains since she was 12.

            Can you see them up there?  They came down and got my camera to take pictures for me.

                                                        They had a great view up there.
                                        This is looking up on the mountain they were on.
and of course they had to take a selfie!
A better shot of the mountain they were on.
 We left there and headed back to Gallup.  The drive was fantastic.  Every turn had something new to see.

When back in Gallup, we headed for El Rancho Hotel.  Back in its day, it hosted just about every Hollywood star.  While making movies, western movies mostly, this was the place the stars stayed.

                      Upstairs they have photos of most of the stars that have stayed here.

All the walls on the second story are just like this, photo after photo after photo.
                                                   Finally we return to our RV Park.
                                                                 The Registration office.
                             They have several different metal sculptures that line the drive.
Plus this nice stone fountain.
A wonderful birthday spent exploring more of this United States.