Thursday, October 2, 2014

Grand Canyon day

Today we went to the Grand Canyon.  But before we got there... we stopped at.... BEDROCK!  Home of Fred Flintstone.

I am sure that when it was first built this was a place the kids would have loved.  Sad to say it is in a state of neglect right now.  The many buildings that they have are in good shape, they just need a coat of paint.  Whoever built this "city", was very talented and did a lot of hard work.  There are probably 20 buildings and a bedrock movie theater that plays Flintstone cartoons constantly.  Cute, but not enough to hold todays kids attention.
 The entrance to the Grand Canyon.  It costs $25 a carload that is good for 1-7 days.  Or if you have a Senior Pass, it is free.
I took so many pictures, it will be hard to pick out just a few.
One of the 2 views of the Colorado River deep down in the basin.
I can't believe that I walked out on some of the ledges.
If you look real hard in the center, there is a guy dressed in kilts playing a bagpipe.  It was beautiful.  He was there with the MacDanuld clan.
Internet is too slow so that is all I will post.  I might post a few more pictures when we get to better internet.  There was a watchtower built at the last stop we made.  It was at the Painted Desert View.  Very nice.   Hold that thought....