Thursday, October 9, 2014

Catch up Thursday

Our campsite at Coronado RV Park.  
It's not my first choice but it served it's purpose.  They did have water and electricity, no sewer, but charged double the usual rates because of the balloon fiesta. Each site had a covered picnic table.

Since we do everything by the seat of our pants, we didn't get a campsite on the park grounds where the fiesta is located.  So there is good and bad in not making plans till the last moment.  I still like to go where the wind blows me and at my own speed.  But this is one thing that if I ever do again, I will make early arrangements to stay onsite.

Again, not a good picture but we had a Road Runner for a neighbor.

                                                   We are surrounded by scenes like this.

We drove around the city and took in the sights.  If you love peppers, this is the place to visit.  At this road side shop they were also roasting green peppers.  You could hear them popping and the smell was very unique.  That's another word for strange.  I wanted to buy some of the peppers but when I went inside there were so many different kinds that I was just lost.  I wanted some of the mild smokey flavored ones and couldn't remember the name of them.  They are good in chili.  Will have to ask son, Mike.
This was a neighborhood school.  I love the adobe style buildings.
Mosaics were all around this building.  We were in traffic when I took this picture.  I couldn't get the whole thing in one picture.
More balloons.
                         This one was my favorite. This balloon was huge.
                                                              Creepy clown

                                             And the frog jumped over the balloon!


Garfield was a long way off so again, not a good picture.
I do believe my camera just has to go.  I need a better one!