Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beautiful Lake Summerville

Oh what a day we have had!  We left Yogi :), early well not early, we both overslept.  Then we stopped in Waco to get one of my meds refilled and pick up some groceries.  Things went sour after that.  We stopped at the Flying J for fuel.  While filling the tank, Doug cleaned the windshield.  Normally this wouldn't be a bad idea, but today, it was.  Somehow the nozzle came out and spilled diesel everywhere.

Not a little diesel, a whole lot!

Looking at our average gallons we usually get, we spilled around 20 gallons!  There was fuel everywhere!

Doug called for someone to come out clean the mess up.  He apologized, they said it happens more than you think.  There were people everywhere throwing down absorbent towels and long diaper looking tubes.

Of course, pushed the fuel bill to $236.00.  We had a half a tank!  Our tank holds 90 gal. and we put in (mostly wasted) 65!  Oh dear me!  Lesson learned... I don't care how dirty the windshield gets, no washing it till someone has eyes on the nozzle!

The rest of the trip here was pretty calm but it seems to have put Doug in a "short fuse" mood.  Think I will be as invisible as possible till he calms down.

This is our site here at Yegua Creek Campground.

The bad thing is there are stickers on the ground everywhere.  Poor Buddy is having a bad time.  We put out the rug, now if we can just keep him on it.

We don't do this type of "camping" often.  It's nice, reminds me of when we did camp with the boys.  Some very good times then.
I counted 7 deer on our walk right before sunset.  The sun was right behind the deer making it almost foggy looking.
Mike and Kaitlyn arrived right before dark with their new travel trailer.  I will take some pictures tomorrow.