Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Walls Drug store and the Badlands

Today we took in all the tourist stuff here in Wall, SD.  The Wall Drugstore takes up most of Main St.
We didn't see all of the drug store, it was just too big.  All that you see in this picture, is the drugstore.

There are stores within the drugstore.  It's its on mini mall.
There is also a cafe.  We had lunch there. It's nothing to write home about.  I had the BBQ sandwich special and it was good but I have had a lot better.  Kind of like a sloppy joe.  LOL  Everyone else got the hamburger and said they thought it was more filler than meat.

 We shopped in some of the other stores across the street and bought some tourist T-shirts. and then decided to take the drive to the Badlands.

We were not disappointed.  This area is beautiful.  It is a 40 mile circle around it.  The scene changes constantly.
My camera just isn't good enough to do this place justice.

At one of the overlooks we stopped at, we came across this vehicle.  Around the world in 10 years!
On the side of the vehicle was written, Barcelona, Ethiopia, Peru.  I looked at their web site and it looks to be very interesting how they have covered the continents.  Unless you are bilingual you will have to look for the "in english" link.

The more we drove the prettier it got.  It makes me more excited to move on and see what is around the corner.

We even saw some prairie dogs.  I love these cute little things. Would love to have one but they had signs everywhere telling us that these little cute things carried the plague.  Don't think I want one after all.

 Jim dropped a rock into a crevice and waited and waited and waited for it to hit bottom.
 A couple of guys were walking and running along the edges thinking they were indestructible.  Hope they were.

It was a great day.  Tomorrow we head for Mt. Rushmore and more adventure!