Friday, September 19, 2014

Rapid City, SD

Today we traveled to Rapid City, SD.  It was a short drive day so I have no pictures.  For a short travel day, we didn't get a whole lot done.  After setting up, we decided to go to historic downtown and have supper at Firehouse Brewing Co.  It is located in the Firehouse station built in 1915.  It is a brewery, restaurant with live music, winery, and a theater.  It takes up a block.  The food was very good and it seemed to be a favorite of the locals.
The thing that I found most interesting about Rapid City, is the wonderful entertainment that they have every Thursday night in the town square, called Autumn Nights.   There is live music, venders selling snacks, finger foods and all of the businesses in the square stay open late this night.  They have a lot of local art around the square and a wonderful open air stage with local talent.
We had a great time eating and walking the square.  The weather was perfect for being outside.  We came home and I took Buddy out for a walk.  Because it was so dark and took a flash light.  As we were walking I shined the light ahead and caught in the beam, a mouse running across the road.  Well since I spotlighted (is that a word) the poor mouse, Buddy saw it and caught it!  I screamed and Buddy dropped it.  It starting running and Buddy caught it again.  Thanks to some more screaming on my part, Buddy dropped the mouse and it got away.  Needless to say, Buddy was not very happy with me.  He kept trying to find it again.  Now all I can think about is, can that thing get into the motorhome?  All Buddy can think about is:  Why did I have to come out with her!
Sorry no pictures.  I will try to do better tomorrow.