Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rain, Rain and more Rain

We left Brigham City this morning around 8:00.  I know, why would anyone get up that early if they didn't have to and  the guys said we had to.  It was one of those days you should just stay in bed and read a book.  It rained all day today.  The further south we got the colder it got.  Isn't there something wrong with that?  Of course, they were calling for snow at the Tetons for Sunday.  At least it didn't snow on us.  By sunset I could see snow on the mountain tops.
I forgot to get a picture of the campground yesterday, so I grabbed this one on our way out.  It's a terrible picture but at least you can see how the trees seem to wrap it up into its on little world.  It sits right in the middle of town but yo would never know it while you are parked there.  They even have a small garden that they encourage you to take what you want.  They also have apple trees that were loaded with apples.  I did pick one of those and it was so good.  Golden Spike RV Resort is the name and Brigham City, UT. is the place.

The drive thru Salt Lake City was really pretty in places.  Even though it rained and the clouds were so dark, it still looked pretty there.

Provo, UT. looked nice too.  Almost the same terrain.  The first thing I noticed about these two cities in Utah was that fall hadn't seemed to arrive yet.  There was green everywhere.
By the time we settled in at Beaver Campground, we were cold and Doug was soaked.  We wore shorts yesterday and now we are in our sweats trying to get warm.
I didn't get a picture of the campground because of the rain, but I can tell you it's nothing special. So if I don't get one in the morning you won't miss anything.  The sites are very close together but they are set up so that our doors face each other.
We decided to go to a small place with good ratings , named Maria's Cocina.  It is located in an RV Campground.  Kind of odd, but the food was wonderful.  The log cabin was built 50 years ago and Maria has owned it for over 30.  The salsa is very good also.  But don't fill up on it because there is more to come.  I ordered the 2 enchilada plate.  (beef and pork) The waitress had mentioned here very different take on a tamale so I decided to order one on the side.
                                       The plate I have the fork in was my actual dinner.
This was the hot tamale.  It was huge!  It had everything in it but the kitchen sink!  There was shredded pork, ok that is usually in a tamale.  There was also, black olives, peas, beans, onions, zucchini,  and potatoes.  All of this wrapped in a thin layer of masa, rolled up in a corn husk.  This thing was delicious!  Of course it didn't taste like your usual tamale, but it was very good.  Everyone tried it and it was a winner.   Buddy got lots of leftovers tonight.  So he was happy too.  The funny thing was,  Libbie or Doug asked for cheese dip and they didn't know what that was.  Some things are just regional, I guess.
It has finally stopped raining.  Hope it stays that way for travel tomorrow.
Las Vegas here we come!