Saturday, September 27, 2014

On the Road Again

Today was a travel day.  We reluctantly said goodbye to the Tetons.  I have to say that really enjoyed them a lot more than Yellowstone.  Because of the long drives from one thing to the next and the road closing that causes you to back track were just not fun for me.  I wouldn't ever say don't go see YNP, but I would say, check the road conditions first.

The Tetons were my favorite.  I loved everything about the area and would love to go back sometime.

We traveled through parts of Idaho before stopping for the night in Brigham City, UT.  We ate at a wonderful place called Maddox Ranch House Restaurant.  It is two places in one.  On one side of the building is a 50's style drive-in with car hops and window trays.  They have your usual burgers, fries and other kinds of sandwiches.  They have beef and bison burgers.  On the other side is a nice building with a nice restaurant.  We ordered steak.  In fact, we ordered the big porterhouse and shared it and still brought home left overs.  Buddy was very happy!

The pictures in todays post are just random shots from todays travel.
 time for a break and more importantly let the brakes cool down  lol