Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh beautiful for spacious skies

Today we traveled thru some of the most beautiful scenery I have every seen.  The colors so bright, the mountains so orange and the sky so blue, I wanted to just bust out in song, "America the Beautiful", for it truly is!

It seemed every turn we made, gave us a new sight to behold. I loved them all.
 The Virgin River was one of the muddiest, I have ever seen but the mountains that towered straight up over it, made you ignore the mud.

We found us a spot to stay at Arizona Charlie's.  Since we never know how long we are going to be somewhere, we don't look for a spot to stay until the day before we leave.  It can be a pain sometimes but I don't like having a set schedule.  I like to go with the flow.  LOL  Most of the time that works out well for us, sometimes, not so much.  We didn't get the RV park we wanted this time, but this one is nice and quiet.
No shade, but level sites with all the amenities that we have gotten so use to.
After we got settled in, we headed out to see Hoover Dam.  It's only about 22 miles from where we are staying.
The first thing we saw was the Hoover Dam Bypass.  This bridge is huge.  it spans 2,000 ft with a 1,060 ft. arch.  Underneath is the Colorado River.
Then there is the Hoover Dam.  I walked across it taking these pictures as I went.
                                       I looked straight down... that was scary for me.
                                                         There's that bridge again.
On the other side of the dam is Lake Mead.  That white "bath tub ring" is left from minerals in the water and shows how much the water level has dropped over the years.
                        Those white islands were underwater before the 14 year drought.
                                   This is a close up of that red mountain near Lake Mead.
The more I see of this beautiful country of ours, the more I want to see.   From sea to shining sea!